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Cogent Law Group LLP capitalizes on the best qualities of top-tier law firms by focusing only on those elements that generate client value. Our lawyers trained at the best schools and the most prestigious law firms, but have left the marbled offices behind in order to offer clients exactly what they want, as they want it:  business-minded lawyers providing fast, efficient, and best-in-class legal advice that generates quantifiable business results at a fraction of typical industry rates.

We create value for our clients by taking the time to understand each client's unique business model or legal needs. Our comprehensive understanding of each client's business allows us to provide innovative solutions and connect them to other services, organizations and potential clients that will help them achieve their business goals.


  • William Paxton has been an indispensable asset in the launch of my new business. 
He fully understood my issues and was very clear and direct. He helped me to understand my specific risks 
and had clear suggestions on how to minimize my risk so that my business could move forward. 
William was fast and responsive to my needs. His attention to detail and creative solutions to my complex problems 
really made me feel as though he had a vested interest in the success of my business. 
I recommend William enthusiastically and would use his firm again without hesitation.

    Eli Turner
    Owner, Eli Turner Studios
  • William Paxton is a "walking solution" as we call him - an honest, clever, hard working lawyer committed to reaching agreements rather than prolonging conflict. Conversations with William are highly productive - and result in creative solutions rather than focusing on the barriers ahead. It is a pleasure doing business with him and I would recommend him enthusiastically.

    George Kachadorian
    Director, Extra Sensory Pictures LLC
  • William Paxton is the kind of attorney every new business needs on its side. Flavor Magazine is a fast growing start up and for this we have William to thank - he has led our strategizing for intelligent and long-term growth. William Paxton is a smart, creative, honest team player whom I can wholeheartedly recommend.

    Melissa Harris
    Publisher, Flavor Magazine
  • William Paxton is smart, talented and very easy to work with. He is extremely practical and easily grasps complex business concepts and processes them into astute recommendations. I valued his legal expertise but I also appreciated his thoughts and comments as a business partner.

    Scott Stern
    Brand Manager, Sun Products Corporation
  • William Paxton has several qualities that make him a particularly effective legal partner. He is an excellent communicator, always calm under fire and very client-focused. William is able to work through very complex situations and challenges in a positive and creative manner. He is a complete professional and a pleasure to work with on any type of project or task!

    Steve Lunz
    Senior Vice President of Sales at The Energy Project
  • When looking for a lawyer you need to get someone who understands business as much as they do the law. They need to wear both hats and be clear about which hat is driving a recommendation. William Paxton is one of those rare breeds who can do both well. Beyond that William is outstanding in all the things you need in your counsel - he listens well, is responsive, smart and thorough. He is clear in his communication. He doesn’t waste time and focuses on the options while minimizing risk to the business. All the while William maintains his calm and is just a good guy to work with. 

I have worked with and recommended William several times and will continue to do so in the future.

    Travis Reed
    Manager, Zeus Technologies, LLC

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